Buying a thoughtful gift for a Baby Shower: Going off the registry!

January 27, 2020

Custom Art for Baby Shower Gifts!


Chances are that if you are in your thirties, you are reading this post because you’re a lot like me. A few years ago it seemed that every other month I was attending a wedding for a good friend of mine. In the last five years I have gone to so many showers that searching through registries became something I did in my sleep. It seems now that all those happy marriages have now produced, soon to be, happy babies!

In the next three months alone, I have four baby showers to go to. Since these are close personal friends, I always enjoy choosing something nice off the registry. However, I also like to add a little something to the gift, a piece of thoughtfulness. Now that I have my own child and have been through the shower process, I can say for sure that everyone wants to do the same. Come to think of it, I believe that’s how I ended up with about fifty blankets.

While I appreciated the thought of an off the registry gift, too many of the same item just isn’t useful. In my quest for something affordable, custom, and that matched my mommy friends' themes, I stumbled upon Everything on the site was cute, affordable, and the selection ensured that I found just the right gift that would match the nurseries.

When I gave my friend a set of three safari themed prints for over the crib, she was seriously ecstatic. She loved them so much that they were the first item she hung up when she got home. I absolutely loved seeing her online posts that gave me the shout out for helping to complete her nursery. It gave me the feels and now I know what to get everyone else! ABCBabyArt is the perfect place to find a sincere and thoughtful gift for your friends. 

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