Top 3 Nursery Room Themes & Where to Get Great Art to Decorate Them!

January 27, 2020

If you have been out shopping in the baby world lately you will see a huge trend in nursery themes. A walk through the isles of Target, Buy Buy Baby, or even just browsing online you should notice the same themes coming up over and over again. What’s giving these themes so much attraction are the facts that they are not only gender neutral and super cute, but also that the help break away from the previous status quo of baby themes. 

Most Popular Baby Room Themes

  1. Woodland Animals
  2. Safari
  3. Geometric shapes with primary colors

Right now the number one most popular theme is woodland or forest creatures. These are comprised of big eye does, cute fluffy bunnies, clever foxes, and of course wise owls. These fun-loving animals are a gender neutral and color neutral making them a great pick

A second favorite similarly, are jungle or safari animals. Again these prints are gender and color neutral making them an easy choice for parents. An additional reason for the theme's popularity is that if parents choose to acknowledge a birth gender, they can accent the room with more feminine or masculine animals if they wish. 

Lastly, geometric shapes and black and white colors have been on the hot lists. New studies have shown that in addition to primary colors the contrast of black and white boots babies development. 

However, finding the perfect art to go with your nursery theme can often be quite a challenge. Luckily, I stumbled on What I loved the most about this site was that they had several prints which were customizable. Customers could change the colors and even backgrounds.

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