Tips for Nursery Wall Art Selection

January 27, 2020

Are you or someone you know is expecting a bundle of joy?
As a mommy to be, friend, or family member, you know that one of the most exciting tasks to accomplish before the baby arrives is to set up the nursery. As a first-time mom, I was so excited to start looking online and in the stores to get a sense of the style I liked.

One thing I found was that no matter where I went, I saw many of the exact items and very similar styles. It seems that the same distributors have cornered the market on baby nursery decor, so I began to search for something more unique. In my quest I realized that step one was going to have to be to choose a theme and colors for my room. Because I didn’t know the gender yet and I hadn't decided whether I would find out, my husband and I decided to choose something neutral.

Many people choose to wait to paint or choose colors for the nursery until they find out the gender so that they may choose a color that could be considered gender specific or traditional. After the color is chosen, step two is to choose a theme. Here are a list of current popular baby or nursery room themes: 

  • Animals - woodland or safari
  • Nautical
  • Primary colors - ABC, 123, Shapes
  • Words and Symbols
  • Modern - Geometric
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Transportation/Travel
  • Princess/Prince
  • Mythical/Fantasy
  • Space
  • Dinosaurs
  • Custom name art

However, some of the most difficult items to find are custom nursery art pieces. Whether you are choosing something for a baby boy, baby girl,or a toddler, chances are you are looking for something affordable and custom, and also goes with your motif. When I was first going through this process, I searched a lot of places online. One of the best websites I stumbled across was The moment I landed on the home page I knew that I hit the jackpot. The prices are amazingly affordable, every print is customizable and comes in a large variety of colors. I was really impressed by the fact that they also had prints categorized by theme. 

For my baby’s room, I went with a neutral pastel green, navy blue, and grey. My idea was that if I had a boy I would add construction yellow as a pop for a brighter addition. If I had a girl I would add true purple or a light pink. For this reason I love because you can customize the colors of your art with the click of a button. 

Like the images on the home page show, another fun idea to consider when purchasing your nursery art collections is doing multiple prints or creating a collage. Custom name prints are really in style right now and has name prints as well. For my baby's nursery, I purchased R for Robert and two truck prints to go on each side of the name print. What was especially helpful was the fact that no matter what prints I chose, I could select the same color scheme for each. Even if I mixed and matched themes, the customization of colors kept them looking like they were meant to be a set. 




No matter how you decorate your baby's room, I highly recommend checking out they are going to quickly the first and last place to pick out custom, personalize-able, nursery or child's room art accents. 

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